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Friday, June 16, 2017

Sorry, Dr. Krauthammer: The problem is on the left

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Thomas Lifson  "There are few political commentators who come up to the level of Dr. Charles Krauthammer, but yesterday he managed to say something very intelligent, reasonable, superficially correct, and wrong-headed.  In his appearance on Special Report yesterday, he blamed multiple factors that involve both parties for the horrendous violence enacted on a baseball practice field, turning it from a field of dreams to a field of nightmares.
ROBERTS: "In the middle of all of this, Charles, an editorial in 'The New York Times' which again repeated the much discredited meme that a Sarah Palin ad was responsible for the Gabby Giffords shooting. So even the media is in on this game, too, not just the political sides."
KRAUTHAMMER: "I agree. That editorial this morning repeating that was not only scandalous but unbelievable because that is a 6-year-old story that's been debunked within three days. It turned out it had nothing at all to do with her. The man who did the shooting was a paranoid schizophrenic. I think the problem here is twofold. It's not just a style but it's also the objectives. There's now a style in our politics where the ad hominem is a norm. People ought to fight over policy but once you begin to question the motives, the patriotism of your opponent, you have gone too far. The worst thing, and I think this is overlooked — the two parties, the two ideologies, you might say, speak about the politics in apocalyptic terms. If the other guy wins, it's the end of the republic. If the other guy wins, it's the end of the world. The man who did the shooting yesterday is a man who bought into that quite literally. You can speak about it hyperbolically. When those are stakes, when you say, 'Unless we stop Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the republic will not survive,' then it justifies anything. That is the language, the ideology, the rationale of terrorists. The fate of the world hangs on this. And it's up to the leadership to say, 'These are policies. This is not the fate of the republic.'". . . 
 "Michelle Malkin nailed it:
Yes, there are extremists on all sides. But the problem is, whether we are talking about political violence against conservatives on campus, beheading rhetoric and imagery from Hollywood liberals that hate conservatives and Donald Trump to just a couple of days ago when you had one of these antifa protesters stabbing a police horse in the neck, an act for America's anti-sharia protests. There's a problem on the left and they need to acknowledge it."

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