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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Iran's triangle of fear

The Green Revolution in Iran sought to overthrow the Mullah's regime of terror but the feckless Obama deserted them, all to preserve the "good will" of Iran's leaders  and Obama's cherished "Iran Deal" giving the upper hand to the Ayatollah's rule at the expense of America's integrity. A powerful symbol of the revolt against the Mullah's reign was the shooting death of young Neda Agha-Soltan, the final result of which is that Neda is dead and the Obama-Iran deal lives on. The Tunnel Dweller

Shahriar Kia  "There is a Persian proverb saying those fearing the dark scream to overcome their fears.  Iran, considering its domestic and foreign dilemmas, resembles that very individual who is afraid of the dark and is screaming to overcome its fears.
"On Wednesday, June 7, Iran was attacked by terrorists in a twin assault that ISIS claimed responsibility for, targeting the parliament and the tomb of the regime's founder.  In contrast to others victimized by terrorism, Tehran actually welcomed this attack and portrays itself as the victim.
"Iran was under intense pressure from an international coalition against its measures in the Middle East and needed an escape route.  Tehran sought to cloak the reality of being the central banker of international terrorism.  The position taken by U.S. president Donald Trump and a recent Senate resolution became impassable hurdles.  To this end, Iran began broadcasting fake news accusing the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Iran's main opposition coalition."
Iran is witnessing the establishment of an international coalition led by Riyadh and backed by Washington against its meddling in the region.  Iran's golden era of Obama's appeasement doctrine has come to an end, and the mullahs will begin paying the price for their atrocities in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other countries.

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